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  • High-quality imaging, fast reconstruction

  • CT Angiography for Stenosis and Aneurysm Evaluation (Aorta, Carotid, Cerebral, Coronary, Peripheral, Renal)

  • Kidney Stone Evaluation

  • Orthopedic Evaluation

  • Dental Implant Planning

  • Multiplanar Reconstructions

  • 16 slice CT technology has dramatically advanced and broadened the range of CT applications to include orthopedics, angiography, cardiology, and more

Welcome to Iniyan Scans

Iniyan Scans, a speciality diagnostic imaging centre, provides accurate and immediate MRI scan & CT scan reports. Our MRI scanner is  More...


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Welcome to Iniyan Scan Centre... Which is located in Villupuram near to Bus Stand... and Now we are Launch our Website www.iniyanscans.com Here we launch Now our New Website

Welcome to Iniyan Scans